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Emarosa bring potent pop nostalgia to modern love in "Don't Cry"

When you think Emarosa, brooding pop-rock isn't quite the vibe that comes to mind. But that is exactly the direction the former post-hardcore (post-post-hardcore?) four-piece is moving towards, and the formula is working like gangbusters. The boys are back with the second single from their forthcoming album Peach Club, "Don't Cry" - an anthem for the grown-up lovesick emo in us all.

"We’re at that point where we’ve realized that there’s no consequences for making whatever record we want to make,” frontman Bradley Walden says of the upcoming record, due February 8 on Hopeless Records. “We started writing, and it felt like the book was being thrown out the window. There are no rules.” Looking back on Emarosa's previous work, "Don't Cry" and its predecessor lead single "Givin' Up" aren't the farthest cry from Emarosa's scenester heyday. Youthful angst is replaced with a more adult restraint, emotional breakdowns traded for pensive chimes, atmospheric uses of negative space in the sound design, and an overall more mellow energy.  

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