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AC3Beats's "Nostalgia" album aims to take the listener back in time

Pomona, CA native AC3Beats, newest body of work titled Nostalgia is designed to transport the listener back to simpler times. The 17 track instrumental project boasts a plethora of sounds and musical styles ranging from boom bap to trap to soul. Listeners will catch those vibes instantly because "Nostalgia" starts with a keys-heavy headnodder, "Backyard Memories," and never lets up. The West Coast producer then proceeds to work his way through a sonic palette that showcases his versatility. He delivers jazzy Boom bap on joints like "One - Nine - Nine - Three" and "Awsome," and then dives into melodic trap on "Sunsets" and "Ice Princess." And for his fellow gamers, AC3 beautifully sampled The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time on the title track while also flipping the star invincibility theme from Super Mario 64 on the aptly titled "SuperAC3World."

The project is chock full of relaxing tunes that will make you reminisce on those carefree times when all you worried about was what game you were going to play next. The album is also available via Bandcamp

01. Backyard Memories
02. Midnight Life
03. Echoes
04. Figuring it Out
05. So Faded
06. Float On
07. One - Nine - Nine - Three
08. Nostalgia
09. Knock Knock
10. 10SuperAC3World
11. Vivid
12. First Glance
13. In the Moonlight
14. Ice Princess
15. Lost in Reality
16. Awesome
17. Sunsets

Connect with AC3Beats  : Soundcloud | Facebook |Spotify |Twitter | Instagram

Hip-Hop · Instrumental


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