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Alessia Cara brings sparks to Alec Benjamin's "Let Me Down Slowly"

Alessia Cara and Alec Benjamin are two distinct presentations of modern day pop artists, but in the same vein are more similar than they would seem. Benjamin's discography grapples heavily with nostalgia and uneasiness, as shown deeply on his debut mixtape Narrated For You. Looking from Cara's 2015 debut album, Know-It-All, to her most recent sophomore release, The Pains of Growing, there's an evident journey that shows the singer's growth from an unsure, yet hopeful artist to one capable of standing up for herself and solidifying her place in pop music as an unstoppable performer and songwriter. Benjamin and Cara's music are two strong examples of the type of honest and uncomplicated songwriting many fans are music are becoming more and more accustomed to as they increasingly reject empty lyricism. To further this point, the two singer/songwriters have teamed up for a revamping of Benjamin's 2018 hit "Let Me Down Slowly."

The track opens as it always has, with Benjamin's vivid storytelling that delves into a candid plea for a pain-free end to a relationship. Where he would normally continue to describe an emotional disconnect felt when approaching the opposing subject of the song, Cara enters with her own melancholic interjection. "I hold on to little pieces of what we were," she laments, continuing, "I know we're long gone, but take it easy because it hurts." The following portions of the song consist of a effortlessly graceful intertwining of Cara and Benjamin's vocals, somehow drawing a more electrifying feeling from the lyrics than the original ever did. 

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