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NDAI reminisces on a persistent vice on the soulfully sincere "SHADOW"

With three songs under her belt, NDAI may be a new voice in Toronto’s music scene — but she sings and writes with seasoned musical prowess. After releasing “Nobody’s Ting”, an essential summer banger that takes a jab at superficial attraction, NDAI is ending 2018 off on a high note with one more bittersweet anthem, "SHADOW", to gear up for the release of her upcoming EP, The Lovers in 2019. On “SHADOW”, NDAI’s rusty, whiskey-tinged vocals float over slow-winding, syrupy guitar progressions and angelic humming as she relishes on a toxic love she just can't get over.

“SHADOW” speaks volumes about the unhealthy choices we often make in our romantic lives. NDAI captures the dissonance of being hooked on a love that is lethal but addicting, as she sings, “I'm in too deep, death grip on me, I can’t escape your shadow. Your demons still want me, still want to take my soul — take me away, from the me that I used to know.” The minimal instrumentation lets NDAI’s vocals take front and centre stage — but its the song's lyrics that truly drive "SHADOW" home.

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Ambient R&B · Hazy · Indie · Neo-Soul · Soul-Hop


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