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Eclectic powerhouses Elley Duhé and Amber Mark destroy the genre game in Vevo DSCVR series [Watch]

Vevo DSCVR has been putting the world’s freshest, most eclectic artists on a global platform for the past five years. It’s no surprise that Vevo’s pick for artists to watch in 2019 include Alabama’s boldly versatile songstress Elley Duhé and soulful nomad Amber MarkBoth artists involved are impressive in their own right with their abilities to skillfully construct their own inimitable sound that has the potential to take mainstream music by storm.

If you didn't have a chance to check out Vevo's YouTube channel, here is a look at these two breakout artists’ Vevo DSCVR debut.

Elley Duhe

Elley is a wanderer whose eccentric style and taste for sonic adventures set her apart as one of the most exciting artists of this generation. After releasing her debut EP DRAGON MENTALITY this year, Elley solidified her spot as an anomaly who defies and conquers any genre - from dark, grimy alternative, to EDM, to catchy pop bangers. Elley’s music is sultry, different, and most importantly, artistically empowering. Elley takes her unique artistry to the Vevo stage — giving us a dose of those unconventional, rusty vocals — with her inspiring ode to eternal loyalty, “SAVIOR” and the arcane "COUNTERFEIT".

Amber Mark

Amber Mark’s musical appetite is profoundly diverse. A nomad at heart, Amber’s sound has been cultivated by her upbringing in Europe, India and New York. Turning pain into art is what the singer does best; Amber exemplifies the profound ability to take her life’s darkest moments and transform them into beautifully reflective ballads. Amber’s smoky timbre goes hand in hand with her songs' smooth, jazzy instrumentation, as well as the singer’s more tribal-inflected tracks. A talented musician who co-produces her music, Amber commands the Vevo stage with soulful sincerity with her live performances of “Put You On” and “Way Back”.

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