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Third son's "Cognitive Dissonance" receives the remix treatment from Clarion [Premiere]

Third son's Polymath Label has fast become a hub of eclectic underground, with artists like Digitaria and Roboturner, as well as Third son, gracing the artist roster. The enigmatic Voices EP from Third son coming via the aforementioned label features four incredible and original productions, including a remix of track "Cognitive Dissonance" from dreamy techno producer, Clarian.

The EP itself is awash with breakbeats, bass and overwhelming synth power - from the sounds of "National Anthem" to "Broads", Third son's unique style of production shines through. Penultimate track "Cognitive Dissonance" is a crossover tech cut, with Clarian's remix taking the song to another level. Where strong drums drive the original, Clarian's cut provides a stripped back version of the original. Taking the listener on a minimal and all-consuming journey the "Cognitive Dissonance" remix makes the move into something a little bit darker, becoming an edit for selection during deeper moments.

Third son's Voices is out now via Polymath, and available to purchase here.

Connect with Third son: Facebook | Soundcloud

Connect with Clarian: Facebook | Soundcloud



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