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Betta Lemme's "Give It" is an empowering anthem in facing your fears

Betta Lemme is the newest dark horse rising from this constantly expanding dance genre. Gracefully and confidently the Montreal-bred singer-songwriter artist is making her way across the global stage with an air of elegance and grandiose. Her newest release "Give It" traverses her borderless worlds, fusing English and French for an empowering anthem on facing your fears.

"We all have fears, hopes, insecurities, anxieties, and we keep them as secrets," Lemme shares. "Why? There’s always a little part of us we hide out of fear of judgement. Let it come out to play every now and then and you may learn something about yourself you would’ve never imagined." An alluring exploration, Lemme's tenacious vocals sweep the track clean for one filled with fun and self-confidence, amidst the darker overtones. 

Showing us that everything one would want is on the other side of fear, "Give It", with its simple lyricism, flows smoothly with the moodier beats, layered over haunting piano chords. As though painting a picture of rising from the depths of darkness, Lemme weaves in and out of the track in perfect conjunction with the ever-changing tempo, illuminating the slightly sinister grooves and highlighting her multi-faceted talents. Notably, "Give It" gives a nod to the classic lullaby "Hush Little Baby, Don't You Cry", the melody wrapping up the track with emphatic beats.


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Dance · Electro Pop · Main Stage


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