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Taft crafts an atmospheric soundscape in new single "Rooms"

Austin-based singer Taft delivers a six-minute soundtrack of beautiful sonic exploration in his new single “Rooms”. Listening to this ethereal piece, I imagine myself spinning slowly within several different rooms of my memory. The slow, mesmerizing instrumentals leave me utterly enthralled.

“Rooms” is a part of an upcoming album Goodnight, Plum following in the footsteps of Tdnp, released in 2017. The new project was recorded entirely live in-studio featuring musicians Andrew Stevens, Josh Halpern, Jeff Ratner, and Sam Pankey on instrumentals. The soaring vocals make "Rooms" the perfect introspective piece to lose yourself in. Taft has penned an entirely new world to explore, making the anticipation for Goodnight, Plum overwhelmingThe single pulses and grows and pulls listeners through its length. Taft has proven himself to be a creative genius in "Rooms", and I am shaking with excitement at the prospect of an entire album. 

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Dreamwave · Indie · Indie Pop


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