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Straightface Forever needs some "Holy Water" for the fire he's spitting [Video]

Atlanta born rapper Straightface Forever has had a quiet couple of years. Since taking a hiatus from music, he's been on a "long two years of discovery, joy, pain, and heartache", according to the statement on his website. This has brought us a brand new EP from the Peach State native, entitled Paradiso Redux. The five track project is a return to form for the artist, with the same energy and style that got him noticed in the first place shining through.

Today, Striaghtface drops the brand new video for the opening track from his EP, "Holy Water". The moody, dimly lit visuals are erratically cut together, as the Atlanta rapper spits his bars with aggression and venom. The rapper tears through the off-the-cuff instrumental with ease, and with an equally unpredictable flow. You can stream the video above, and his newest EP Paradiso Redux, is available to stream on Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal.

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