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Reece puts the raw passion and vulnerability of “Life” on display [Video]

Shot in the iconic Fonogenic studio owned by Rami Jaffee (Keyboardist of the Foo Fighters) and Ran Pink (Grammy-nominated composer), Reece shares a live in-studio performance of his single new “Life”. The studio rendition was directed by Matt Robertson who’s worked with Wiz Kalifa and Charlie Puth.

Stunningly simplistic with just him and producer/multi-instrumentalist Heavy Mellow on guitar, who also produced the track, Reece showcases his effortless falsetto and brilliant lyricism. Singing of losing strength and needing the support of a partner he bares it all in this highly poignant delivery of the track.

Virginia-born Reece creates music known for vital and vibrant R&B poetry. "I  want people to think about their lives and reflect when they listen to my music”. He explains, “My biggest goal is to make them feel like—even though the songs can be sad—they’re not alone. They can listen to me and feel like they belong. That’s what my favorite artists did for me”. In "Life", we really see the talented singer showing off an incredible vocal range and emotional vulnerability throughout.

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