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Subshock & Evangelos "Go Hard" in steamy bass house track

Subshock & Evangelos are two DJs and friends that started the Subshock & Evangelos project back in 2015. The duo's prominent sound assures that the dance floor will be glowing with shuffling feet. Their latest robust track on Uprise Music, "Go Hard," is a burly four-on-the-floor bass house piece. 

The festival weapon launches into the fast-paced signature bass house rhythm. Distant horns and aggressive percussion protrude the inevitable drop. The synths turn to pumping mid basses while Godzilla's roar samples are sprinkled in throughout, further solidifying the weight of this meaty track. After the drop, everything slows down a bit to dive into a hip-hop break. This deviation doesn't last long, so don't indulge in it for too long because Subshock & Evangelos pick the pace immediately back up and go out strong. 

Connect with Subshock & Evangelos: SoundCloud|Facebook|Twitter|Instagram

Dance · Electro House


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