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Man Power takes us to a mystic 'Vista' for some techno relaxation [EP]

For Man Power, the moniker of Geoff Kirkwood, music is a solace for his experiments. Originally from the North East of England, the musician and DJ is now nominally based in Mexico, having wrangled tunes for some of the biggest labels out there. Having gained a considerable amount of recognition for his broad tastes and eclectic style, the producer returns for some techno relaxation in the form of his newest EP, Vista

Opening the EP, "Outrider" is a blissful landscape of meaty synths and clattering 909 drums. Man Power's unique fusion of futuristic Italo disco vibes and experimental electronica douses the track with an infectious beat, painting a picture of desert rides amidst the light-hearted computer-reminiscent synths.

In haunting combos of breakbeats, tinging each tonal rise and fall with a slick layer of acidity, titular track "Vista" delivers an exceptional soundscape. Roman Flügel’s interpretation of the title track brings the break to the fore, coyly drawing out the acidic sounds and surging strings for a more otherworldly urgency. 

Closing Vista, "Poly Pop" is aptly named, bursting with vivacious melodies. The constant clanking percussions ride over the robust beats, showcasing a more uptempo and vivid side to Man Power's capabilities.


Connect with Man Power: SoundCloud | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram
Connect with Roman Flügel: SoundCloud | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

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