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C. SHIROCK dazzles with 80s inspired visuals for "Stand With Me Tonight"

C. SHIROCK creates timeless stunning pop music and his new song entitled "Stand With Me Tonight" is no exception.  The track showcases warm gentle vocals and shimmering ethereal soundscapes with striking synths. The twinkling vintage prom visuals seamlessly pair with the song’s deeply heartfelt lyrics. The video narrates a story of young love between two high school students. Its a timeless homage to the all important slow dance that is a staple to the American prom experience. With dim muted lighting and a neon pink backdrop, C. SHIROCK successfully transports the viewer into an 80s teen movie a la The Breakfast Club or Sixteen Candles.  

Chuck Shirock is the founder and frontman for internationally acclaimed band Shirock. C. SHIROCK is an evolution from his previous work tapping into the core of his identity. Taking anthemic choruses and profoundly personal lyrics his new music is filled with depth and vulnerability making a sound uniquely his own.

Shirock has found success being featured on multiple TV networks such as MTV, ABC and NBC. Preforming for larges crowds at summer festivals alongside Cage The Elephant and Twenty One Pilot, he’s definitely making a name for himself.

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