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Block & Crown dance "All Night Long" to their twist on a classic house track

For lovers of house music, the genre is more than just that- it's a feeling, a mood, a lifestyle. For the DJ and producer duo Block & Crown, house music is everything. Inspired by the deeply rooted sounds of disco from it's earlier pioneers, the duo continue to pay homage to these classic samples but still provide a modern twist - much like their newest release "All Night Long".

Sampling the 1994 Mary Jane Girls classic, "All Night Long" is an upbeat, lively track teeming with infectious beats and unrestrained in energy. Block & Crown layer a soulful rap cut, delivering a modern hip-hop flavour that resonates well with the current dance scene. With the faster pace, the duo injects a funkadelic depth to the original, making way for a club-ready track that's sure to get the whole crowd grooving. 

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Dance · House


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