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Andres Campo makes his Intec debut with a 'Cyclone' of techno masterpieces

Spanish DJ and producer Andres Campo rounds off 2018 by adding another iconic label debut to a year of stellar achievements. With more than fifteen years in the industry, Campo's progression and evolution of sound mastery is undeniably recognized by the top tastemakers of the scene, attributing to his meteoric ascent. Cyclone, debuting on Intec, is an exhilarating three-track EP brimming with the gritty sounds of Campo's techno.

Titular track "Cyclone" is the epitome of exhilarating; with its deep-cutting rhythms and carefully curated warped synths layered over a heavy kick drum, the track is very much a storm of gritty sounds and modulated mysticism. Following, "Ancient Gods" ups the tempo with a sense of urgency. A track rippling with monotonous kicks and snares, Campo shows his mastery of emulating tension in a visceral audial manner. Finally, "Glaciar" builds steadily towards a twisted crescendo of sinister snares and growls, a frenzy of somber melodies and fiery percussions.


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