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The Undercover Dream Lovers serve up a salacious sound "Right Now"

Los Angeles psychedelic dream-pop band The Undercover Dream Lovers is the brainchild of singer-songwriter and producer, Matt Koenig. On the new single, "Right Now," Koenig serves up a salacious groove that is as smooth as the band's name. Accompanying the tasty track is a music video that is said to be "made to watch" on cell phones and is being released exclusively through Spotify. 

"Right Now" is one of the more versatile tunes to come from the Undercover Dream Lovers. It's perfect for both a chill afternoon cruise or a late night dance party. Koenig's wavy falsetto floats above dreamy synth lines that build to an energizing finish.

At first glance, one might perceive the track as another stoned slacker tune in the vein of Mac Demarco, but The Dream Lovers aren't afraid to let loose and get funky. Where other chilled out psychedelic acts sometimes fail to go the extra mile, The Dream Lovers succeed at incorporating synth-pop grooves and dance-laden beats. "Right now" is a track where everything clicks - and it feels good.

After putting out an EP earlier this year, Koenig has big things in store for the Undercover Dream Lovers. He's currently working on the first full-length set for release in 2019. This is definitely a band worth keeping tabs on.


Connect with The Undercover Dream Lovers: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Spotify


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