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Diveliner resurfaces with brand new single "Eighteen Again"

Ellis Grant is a LA-based singer, songwriter & producer who has been making music under the name of Diveliner over the last 5 or so years. His grunged-out & ephemeral take on the pop-music formula has managed to secure him a multi-million record deal with Def Jam Records a few weeks ago, and with this announcement the 23 year old artist released his debut major label single, "Eighteen Again".

The self-produced guitar lead ballad features Ellis reminiscing on his younger days, ruminating on his deep-rooted depression and withered romances over the melodic production before turning up on the track's frenzied second half. If this track is any indication, Diveliner is looking to have an amazing year in 2019!

Connect with Diveliner: Facebook / Twitter / Soundcloud

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