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Introducing eclectic electronic live four piece group Kudu Blue and "Auras"

Brighton four-piece live electronic group Kudu Blue's ready for their debut with "AURAS." Their sound spans from 90s trip-hop and sound system culture, all the way through to Buddhist chanting, and back around to old skool hip-hop and R&B. Now isn't that eclectic?

Their first single "AURAS" in more than a year is debuting here and the group shares, "'AURAS' is about being straight up about the things you want, accepting the things that are out of your control and finding the positives in situations that might present themselves as a challenge. It’s been over a year and a half since we last put out any music and during that time we’ve really grown as a band. I think Auras as a track is like a window into the future of our sound. 'AURAS' for us represents change. A new trajectory which takes influence from much broader and more eclectic sounds. It makes me envisage lots of people dancing in a jungle at night under strobe lights."

Ambient sounds gently guide you ear to ear, and foot to foot, as a swirling energy of atomoshpehric basslines and ghostly chords pull you in from the start. The group has Owen on keys, Tom on bass, Creeda with the rhythms and Clem with her sultry vocals, to work together in perfect unity to bring you a groovy number fit for any late night dancefloor. Driven by talent, curiosity and an unyielding can-do attitude, Kudu Blue are gearing up for a an EP due out in May 2019. 

Connect with Kudu Blue: Soundcloud I Facebook I Twitter I Spotify



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