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Bridesmen breaks down his walls with “Someone Who Loves Me”

Neo soul and indie R&B artist Bridesmen has just released visuals for the new single “Someone Who Loves Me”. Featuring soft percussion, deep organ and gentle guitar riffs, this highly emotive track tugs at your heartstrings. Bridesmen's warm honeyed vocals are paired with lyrics begging for real honest love, making this raw and genuine single a standout success.

Growing up feeling isolated, Chen, a gay, second generation immigrant from Asia, constantly felt the need to hide behind masks. In Bridesmen he works to uncover those deep insecurities and in the latest video he drops all facades, literally barring it all.

The visuals start with Chen singing naked where he is completely vulnerable and pouring out his soul.  The video also features others of different races and sexualities bare and unclothed, making a powerful statement. Chen explains, "The idea behind having bare skin is pretty simple. Each person is beautiful in their own skin. I want to highlight that. In our nakedness, we can't hide behind any brand, or gadget and we have to face how we feel in our own bodies. When we come together at the end of the video, I want people to realize that we are on the this journey together”.

Chen is no stranger to fame. He is best known for his work in NBC’s Sing-Off and his performances with Postmodern Jukebox have reached over 8.6 million views on YouTube. He’s also had the pleasure of performing alongside greats such as Katy Perry, Kesha and Jennifer Hudson. Chen's latest work is a vast departure from his jazz/a cappella roots and showcases a darker side told through his poignant lyricism. Watch Bridesmen mesmerizing "Someone Who Loves Me" above. 

Connect with Bridesmen: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram 

Indie · Neo-Soul


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