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Private Agenda releases new "Affection" EP

If you’re a sucker for dreamy synth sounds like me, then you’ve likely heard of the Berlin-based duo Private Agenda. The group have recently released their EP, Affection. Filled with an array of feel good soundscapes, the project is a free-fall into a world of melancholic bliss and daydreamy vibes. The pair have crafted four tracks that are filled to the brim with vocal highlights with a side of romantic innuendos.

Starting off the EP is the track “Instinct,” mixed by Paul Carr. The group injects the record with a general laid-back groove and added pop hooks. There are underlying disco influences heard within the medium, as well as the overall layout of the song. 

“Ballad of a Bad Boy” features a slower swinging beat with sentimental vocal layers that cut in and out. The melodic line embodies a whirlwind of electronica, while maintaining the mellow sensation.

The third track, “Change,” contains hazy and dreamy chords that create a stable dynamic for the song. Feel-good vocals are then layered over this structure that embody a true synth-pop sound. Private Agenda is not known to be shy with their echo-effects, and for good reason - this element acts as a staple for their whimsical vibe.

The closing track “Bedsheets,” which was also mixed by Paul Carr, begins with a sensual whisper that is sewn throughout. The song contains mesmerizing vocals which give the record an overall introspective appeal. Engulfed with colorful soundscapes, “Bedsheets” ends with a tornado of sounds mashed together solidifying this reflective interest.

Private Agenda’s use of an array of instruments throughout their EP provides a fresh approach to the balearic beat genre, while maintaining their unique tone. The duo have truly captured their blissful sound in Affection.

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Dreampop · Electronic · Synth Pop


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