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Ida Kudo shines through like "GOLD"


Danish-Japanese electro-pop sensation Ida Kudo makes a bold entry with her latest magnetic track simply titled "Gold". The anthemic record showcases the singer's fiery vocal style that is both commanding and alluring. Over the booming multi-layered soundscape, she paints vivid pictures that capture the essence of success with gold as a reference point.  Musically she seems to have found a right balance between pop and tribal elements as she takes the listener on an exotic journey through her world where anything could happen.

"Gold" is the lead single and title track from her upcoming EP. If you wish to see her perform live, you can catch her on the 20th of November in London at the Karousel Music x SESAC Music Industry Showcase at The Paper Dress Vintage. 

Connect with  Ida Kudo : Soundcloud | FacebookSpotify | Twitter | Instagram



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