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Far Caspian releases delightful "Between Days" EP [Premiere]

Leeds three-piece, Far Caspian free nostalgic and dreamy EP Between Days into the clouds. 

Overall Between Days appears to be a bittersweet rapture - both lyrically and musically. New songs "Between Days" and "Finding My Way Home" complete the other three tracks, like full answers to missing clues. "Between Days" is a heavenly, and rhythmically driving 6/8 dance. Whereas "Finding My Way Home" starts calmly, downcast, with repeating guitar setting the stage before Joel's vocals slide to the forefront. Commanding our attention with their dreamy presence, it's not long before the track eventually explodes into a shoegaze avalanche. On Between Days sentimental yearning oozes from the guitar led outfit. An antidote to loneliness, the warmth of Between Days is an extremely promising EP.

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