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David Berrie stirs up a 'Revolution' in latest EP release

Having grown up in the diverse culture of NYC's nightlife, producer David Berrie is the product of the world of underground music. Berrie's latest Revolution EP is one that offers three dynamite pieces of punchy, high impact and inventive house music - ones that ground his versatility as a producer.

The titular track "Revolution" nonchalantly opens with slick evolving house beats, lined with a bumpy bass line. The track is a subtly hedonistic mix of the knotted beats invoke a sense of restlessness, futuristic synths weaving in and out for a soulful track. Following, "JB Loop" picks up the pace with an added sense of urgency emphasized by the sultry vocals. The dynamism exuding from the track is created by the wobble of the drums beats, a captivating mix of lively bass and the space-y, computer twangs littered throughout.

Last but not least, "Rear End" is a supple, intricately designed track with slippery synths, spinning hi hats and bass surges all wrapping around each other to make for a minimal, funkadelic soundscape. Oozing heavy Detroit vibes, Berrie effortlessly crafts a classic house creation with his own dark twists.

Speaking on the Revolution, Berrie reveals that he wanted to create something 'trippy' and 'twisted'. "They were the adjectives that came to my mind when first trying to define the direction I wanted to go. Laying down the bass line was the first order, after I recorded that, the rest of the parts came super easy.”

The EP is out now via Play It Say It.

Connect with David Berrie: SoundCloud | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

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