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COVEO weaves a powerful narrative in "Memories We Share"

Canadian creative Connell McCarthy of COVEO is back with another atmospheric hit, a nostalgia-imbued kaleidoscope of pastel pinks and blues. An ethereally sound atmospheric track, "Memories We Share" encapsulates the deep-gutted feelings of euphoria - a visceral rendering of remembrance done in perfect grace.

Opening with the hums of soothing guitar chords, McCarthy blends organic with electronic, distinctively using packed layers of vocal samples for a more uptempo beat. Whilst faster paced than his previous releases, "Memories We Share" still retains his signature soft beat-making, crafting an uplifting narrative brimming with memories.

A hint back to his electronic roots, "Memories We Share" was originally written to be a remix during his trip to British Columbia, Canada. "After some thought, I decided to rework it into an original track once I got back home," McCarthy notes. "The song is supposed to invoke the feeling of euphoric memories with loved ones. Whether they're in your life currently or not, the memories you share will always be there."


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