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Kasai doesn't want to make you a "Habit" in empowering anthem

With honeyed vocals and inherently authentic lyricism, songstress Kasai draws music in as a route to self-healing and in her short amount of time in releasing music, never has this been truer than on her newest single, "Habit". The West London artist delivers an endearing vocal performance and encapsulates us in a smooth R&B jam.

With her sultry-sweet vocals, Kasai brings us on a beautiful sound journey. Written about the age-old ability to stay in a relationship just because it’s convenient, she reminds us that it is because your mind is often but not, deceiving you; the desire to see what you want to see, halts you from seeing beyond the truth of a lack of respect and under-appreciation. The relatable scene laid over tight snares and a subtle trap beat, are emphasized by the loose guitar chords, bringing a soothing ambiance to the track and conveying the message soothingly. 

Connect with Kasai: SoundCloud | TwitterInstagram

Alternative R&B · Ambient R&B · Soul


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