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MEI bursts on the scene with "Hurrygirl"

There’s a newcomer in the ever-evolving world of R&B and jazz, and if her music is any indication, she will become a well-known presence in no time. The British bassist, songwriter, and vocalist MEI has a fresh sound and a unique artistic voice that is bound to get attention in the industry. Her latest single “Hurrygirl,” which is also the name of her debut EP, shows someone with immense skills and a nuanced approach to songwriting and production that will keep audiences craving more.

On “Hurrygirl,” MEI (A.K.A. Mercy Welbeck) presents a character through which she explores issues of identity, confidence, and the need for self-reflection. She states that the character is, “the flawed superhero we can all relate to.” In the music video directed by Tom Ringsby, we see scattered images of the joyous Notting Hill Carnival that offer apt visuals for her wisdom-imparting lyrics: “Take time my girl, the morning’s due / take time my girl, you’ll make it through / it’s easy to go too fast and forget to take time my girl.” It’s a cautionary message but also one that inspires empowering hope in one’s ability to persevere through adversity.

With a debut EP now under her belt, MEI’s reputation will only continue to grow. She has already received support from artists like Brian Eno and Kojey Radical and has even earned a spot on the FIFA 2019 soundtrack. “Hurrygirl” shows that with her talent and poignant musical sensibilities, it’s no surprise that MEI is turning heads and  will continue to do so as she forges ahead on her own artistic path.

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Hip-Hop · Jazz · R&B


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