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Stonefox and Gill Chang collaborate for new single "Vibrations"

I have chills from this one. Melbourne trio Stonefox and Los Angeles producer Gill Chang have released new single “Vibrations”. After one listen, I think I will be introducing more electronic into my everyday routine. 

As I sit at home watching late autumn snow falling outside my window, I’m pressing repeat on “Vibrations”. It’s easily my anthem for the weekend. It has a smooth, rooted feeling attached to it that I can’t get over, and I’m not surprised. Both collaborators who brought it into being aren't strangers to releasing stunning tracks. Chang has released six dance tracks this year, including Miranda Glory’s upbeat “Stain”. 

Already successful in indie-pop, “Vibrations” proves Stonefox can be powerful beyond their genre. This electronic track is a dazzling concoction of piano, striking melody, and of course, thick pulsing electronic mixing by Chang. 

“Vibrations are those feelings you get when you finally realize your relationship is falling apart - but you don't want to face it,” Stonefox vocalist Jenna Russo explains.

Stonefox is in the process of recording a new EP, due out early 2019.

Electronic · Indie Pop


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