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Lil Keed takes us to an anomalous haunted house for “Wop” music video

Hailing from Atlanta, Lil Keed is bound to be next, as he's making credible waves both in and out of his city. 

Signed to Young Thug’s YSL (Young Stoner Life), Keed already has a major co-sign from one of the most influential voices - as he was also featured on the YSL 2018 compilation mixtape 'Slime Language'.

Keed has been garnering attention and an organic buzz with tracks like “Blicky Blicky” and “Fetish ft. Young Thug”. So it’s fair to say that people have been listening, watching and are impressed by the potential that he has.

Produced by Mooktoven, “Wop” is a track that has Lil Keed continuing to prove himself and imprint his own unique sound. There’s evident growth with every track, which is exciting to see as we witness the journey and Keed’s artistry molding.

Directed by Be El Be, the video has Lil Keed in an eerie and very peculiar haunted house experience. There’s a lot of emphasis on the red-coloring-aesthetic as well as immaculate editing that carries the story further. 

Keed’s genre-bending melodies impress alongside his visuals, solidifying his immense star potential.

Connect with Lil Keed: Instagram | Twitter | Soundcloud

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