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EBY brings the brass and sax on "Where You Go (feat. Gina Marie)"

The heyday of lounge music may have passed before I was old enough to experience that flavor nightlife on my own, but I've been lucky enough to stumble upon a few memorable performances featuring a singer and handful of instrumentalists filling a small space with their music.  Minimalist by nature, those performances become the antithesis of the million dollar megawatt state of popular music today.  At its finest, lounge music exudes an inimitable intimacy that can knock the breath right out of you. EBY managed to do just that upon my first listen of "Where You Go." 

It almost feels as if the lights dim and the air gets a little smokier as the track gets underway, transforming whatever space you happen to be occupying into the kind of throwback lounge that's in short supply these days. As Gina Marie's swanky vocals ask, "baby where you go," the brass and saxophone notes climb up from the floor of the track to cement the loungey feel of the track. Unsurprisingly, EBY is European, claiming roots in Bristol and Milan, where, these days, you're more likely to encounter a lounge type atmosphere than in the US, the birthplace of lounge music. 

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