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M. J. Cole puts a golden touch on Amber Mark's "Put You On"

After a moving breakout and a successful second EPAmber Mark is becoming accepted as the future of pop and R&B. With each of her longer form releases, Mark has made a sonic transition, and each time, it works. On her latest, "Put You On," she linked up with DRAM for a sultry new single that lives and breathes sexual tension. While the song has been released for some time and has been graced with a perfectly welcomed 90's-themed video pairing, another iteration of the song has largely been overlooked in its release - a remix from M. J. Cole.

On his remix of "Put You On," the English producer has leaned in to the song's original 1990's leanings, bringing an irresistible retro juke style to the track and leaving Mark's vocals in tact enough to leave some room for a bit of singalong. Breathing the banter facilitated by New York City heat in the summer, Cole's remix is the product of what happens when a remixer truly understands the content he or she is working with.

House · Juke


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