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Zimmer teams up with Panama for "Wildflowers"

With his first live tour underway and a full-length album set to debut next year, French producer Zimmer has a lot of excitement coming for our ears. His latest offering from his forthcoming album sees Zimmer teaming up with Australian artist Panama. Together, these two bring good vibes with just the right level of chill. “Wildflower” has a bit of that beachy Panama flair which mixes perfectly with Zimmer’s cerebral, layered synths.

“Wildflower” will appear on Zimmer’s debut full-length album which is set to release early 2019. Along with “Landing,” the first single from the album, this new track shows more of Zimmer’s shift sonically. Instead of that endless summer sound, expect more thoughtful, lush electronic soundscapes from the producer. Read about that more in our interview with Zimmer and catch the live show with special lighting effects--dates below.

Connect with Zimmer: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter

Chillout · Dance · Electronic · Indie Dance


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