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Blood Cultures releases unsettling new single "Dunk On Me" [video]

Blood Cultures taps into halloween hysteria with dark and anxious new track "Dunk On Me."

Is this a sign of more new music to come? One of our favourite secretive musicians is releasing new music again. However this time it also comes complete with a exhilarating horror video. Visually toying with the idea of how well can you really know someone? The video is the first official motion picture from the New Jersey musician. Exciting.

That being said, one of our favourite things about "Dunk On Me" is musically how much it changes up. Unexpected, unpredictable, and unsettling; you really feel like you go through whole host of human emotions listening to it. Honestly, sonically "Dunk On Me" is brilliant, balancing the familiar with the unknown remarkably. Drawing lines between multiple genres in one song effortlessly, and somewhat treading new ground in the meantime; the mix also perfectly pristine. Definitely make sure to give it a listen above - you should hear this.


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