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Charlie Crown releases remix of Half The Animal's "Magic"

Building on the considerable success he experienced under his previous moniker, Charlie Crown (formerly known as Flapo) brings a fresh and innovative flair to Half The Animal’s single "Magic", released via Big Noise

Utilizing his signature indie-electronica sound, the Bogota-Native crafts an alluring and visceral listening experience. Expanding his sounds to that of a bolder tone, Crown expertly fuses vibrant synths with the honeyed piano chords, upping the tempo of the original song for a vivacious ambiance. Without losing the original vocals, the producer instead builds on it, adding a futuristic depth to the track. The atmospheric fillers that zig and zag their way through the song, pairs well with the subtle modulated percussions for a unique accompaniment - showcasing Crown's powerful talent in altering songs for a whole new auditory experience. 


Connect with Charlie Crown: SoundCloud | Twitter | Facebook

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