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Sleepy Tom will make you "Move" in pop-tinged release featuring Sophia Black

EDM luminary Sleepy Tom has returned with new music that signifies the beginning of a newly crafted sound. In a saturated dance music scene, the Vancouver-based producer adds a new layer of depth to his sonic repertoire, dipping his toes into the effervescence and feel-good vibes of pop music. Featuring the honey-sweet vocals of Sophia Black, "Move" is the inception of Sleepy Tom's evolution.

With an energetic dynamism woven throughout the vibrant melodies, "Move" is a clear display of the producer's flourishing sound journey. Black's vocals are illuminated by the groovy instrumentals; funk and jazz influences propel the single to new heights that rise above regular pop releases, helping ground Black's voice as utterly unique and ethereal. The infectious bass makes for a surprisingly intimate and personal experience, wherein one is drawn into the dance-worthy world with subtle ease and fulfillment. 

No longer restricted to one genre, Sleepy Tom explains, "I started to feel confined to making strictly dance music." The artist elaborates, "I wanted to explore pop song structures, more real instruments, more hooks - basically, to create a more accessible and intimate experience for people listening."


Connect with Sleepy Tom: SoundCloud | Twitter | Facebook

Connect with Sophia Black: SoundCloud | Twitter | Facebook

Photo Credit: Lindsay Elliot



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