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Asukal has a message for "U Alone" [Video]

Feelings are a fickle thing and for the sugary-sweet electro-pop singer Asukal (the Tagalog word for "sugar"), feelings are the perfect ingredient for baking the best heartwarming tracks into fruition. Raised in between the Philippines and the U.S., Asukal's music encompasses a jittery and strangely beautiful journey from start to finish - reflective of her background. Her recent single "U Alone", is a commended pop piece tinged with R&B and laden with smooth bass, an anthem in conveying her feelings to the one she loves and for them alone. Now, the singer has officially released visuals for the track to further illustrate her message.

The minimal, jittery synths guide the way for Asukal - lyrics masterfully articulated amidst a laid-back beat. The video is contemplative of the vibe, shot with a nostalgia-inducing aesthetic reminiscent of 35mm film. Natural light fills each frame, switching between up close and personal shots of Asukal and abstracted scenery shots, seemingly filmed with a handheld camera. As well, the quirky zoom shots and diamond-shaped transition cuts, add a layer of artistic intrigue to the video, emanating old-school vibes that make one want to continue watching. Simple but clear-cut, the video is stunningly pure and intimate, connecting well with the message the songstress is wanting to convey.


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