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Brooklyn’s Jimi Tents is done being slept on with new track “Backbone”

Jimi Tents has been an artist to watch out for coming out of New York for quite some time now. With smart, complex wordplay, a raspy tone and a masterful flow - Tents’s grind to the top of the hip-hop scene is much deserving. 

“Backbone” is Tents’s most recent release since his “I Can’t Go Home” tape last year. Produced by Mike Hector, the track offers this beautiful balance of hard-hitting rhyme delivery but done with such careful precision. 

Tents discusses how he “spent last year gettin’ slept on” and questions “where your backbone?” However, after hearing “Backbone” it’s evident that if Tents continues on this same trajectory with a unique approach to delivering solid bars - the last thing he’ll be, is slept on. 

Connect with Jimi Tents: Instagram | Twitter | Soundcloud 



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