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COVEO's "Autumn 14" with Bonus Version, is a cinematic dream of emotions

As the red and orange hues of autumn creep up and the taste of summer fades away, Canadian creative Connell McCarthy of COVEO, shares his newest cinematic tracks: "Autum 14" and "Autumn 14 (Bonus Version)". Ethereally sound and dreamy, the two tracks encapsulates the colours of fall into a visceral palette of emotions, etching intimate notes over our hearts.

Having grown up in a town outside of Ottawa, Ontario, McCarthy has always had a keen interest in music and instruments. His passion and dedication, allowed him to focus his efforts as a self-taught pianist and trumpet player, before diving headfirst into music production. Citing artists like Deadmau5Skrillex, and Avicii as his sonic influences, McCarthy went on to produce small releases and remixes. Over the years, his style, diction, and inspirations gradually shifted, evolving into the sound of COVEO today.

Cinematic and dreamy, "Autumn 14" is the epitome of COVEO's signature sound. The descending piano chords are a haunting nod to the subtle radio crackles, illuminating McCarthy's chilling vocals as the track picks up with relaxed percussions. Laden with saxophones and packed with light-hearted vocal layers, "Autumn 14" is reminiscent of a misty autumn day - a perfect in-between. The bonus version on the other hand, is a darker version of the track, opening with a melancholic overtone of reverberating vocals. There's less of an emphasis on the instrumentals and more so on McCarthy's voice, as it breaks into a progressive electronica sound, a longing audial landscape of raw intensity.


Connect with COVEO: Soundcloud | Twitter | Facebook | Spotify

Cinematic · Dreampop


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