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Cat Dealers "Keep On Lovin'" is a wistful narrative of nostalgia [Video Premiere]

Formed by brothers Lugui and Pedrão, Cat Dealers are among the top three most influential DJs/Producers emerging from the Brazilian music scene, rapidly breaking into the national electronic sphere with ease. With reputable tracks under their belt, the duo continue their ascent with even more bangers, including last month's release of "Keep On Lovin'" in collaboration with guitarist, singer-songwriter and producer Le Dib. Whilst still high on the momentum of the song's success, the producers have finally released an official music video for the song.

Showcasing their aptitude for catchy choruses, Dealers harness the effervescence of summer, effortlessly blending in Le Dib's beautiful vocals in electronic production heaven. Opening with soft lights and hazy shots, the video perfectly opens up to the melancholic overtone, showcasing a visual soundscape that envelops the viewer into a vulnerable and intimate state of mind. Following the past and future storyline of a young woman, "Keep On Lovin'" tells a narrative of a wistful and nostalgia-induced progression, highlighting the good and bad memories of the woman's life. Particularly, the shots of the woman in the bathtub, are highly evocative - heart-wrenchingly pure and personal.

The video will be officially released tomorrow, October 18th.

Connect with Cat Dealers: Soundcloud | Twitter | Facebook
Connect with Le Dib: Soundcloud | Facebook

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