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Oakland's Young Gully continues to be one of the fiercest storytellers in latest hip-hop single "Time Will Tell" [Video]

East Oakland native rapper Young Gully shares a new video for his latest hip-hop single "Time Will Tell".

Young Gully, the rap moniker of Michael Watkins, delivers an unflinching performance of raw, emotion-filled rhymes from start to finish. Each word is spoken with such conviction and zero hesitation. Though it feels like a barrage of rhymes, what makes "Time Will Tell" standout isn't the sheer number of rhymes per beat but the fact that they're all portrayed with sniper-like accuracy. Each word is carefully thought out to create this fluid, forward-moving thematic structure. The added fact that the emcee hits each bar with such savage force just makes it that much better. This fierce storytelling is what sets Young Gully one step above the rest. 

This track is off his latest record, Eyes Wide Shut, which dropped Friday, September 14th.  This project boasts features with fellow Bay Area legends like Teespeaks, DJ Fresh, OMB Peezy, and more. Each track offf the latest project is filled with vivid imagery of the traumas he witnessed growing up in the streets of Oakland. The rapper has become a prolific name within the Bay Area hip-hop scene, collaborating on other projects with artists like Too $hort, Mistah FAB, Philthy Rich, E-40, Dead Prez, Mozzy, Nef the Pharaoh and more.

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