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Cote wants to "Meet Me In The Morning" [Premiere]

COTE, the striking vocalist, wordsmith, and all-around gem, is here with her new single "Meet Me In The Morning," off her forthcoming album (out this November.) COTE won the hearts of many with her past releases having garnered recent attention, now EARMILK has the privilege of premiering this powerfully moving single. 

Timeless, moving, and simply beautiful, COTE's single "Meet Me In The Morning" features feathery vocals atop a beachy, indie-rock soundscape. It's the song you want to wake up to - it's light, dreamy, and is bound to start your day off on the right foot. 
"It took me well over a year to write Meet Me in the Morning.  I'd finish a verse and then revisit the song a few months later, continuing in that pattern up until the day I recorded it.  Now that it's finally being released, I see it as a summary of a very long and emotional experience, something I'm grateful to have moved on from." - Cote on the writing process.
There really is something to be said for the coupling of an acoustic guitar strumming alongside a picked electric guitar keeping your head swaying and your heart swooning. "Meet Me in the Morning" pairs well with coffee, a happy disposition, and a positive mantra. So if you are feeling down, blue, sad, or distraught grab a cup of this single and take a look at the sun rising over the hills, mountains, or fields I guarantee you will feel the pure, unadulterated joy Cote is trying to offer you. 
Check her out on socials: SoundCloud | Official | Spotify | iTunes | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram
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