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Only Yours drops debut single "Everlasting"

The new single “Everlasting” from Only Yours is an ethereal experience with both smooth and deep vibes. Preparing for their debut album Overrun, the Toronto-based band is starting things off with a track made for driving down winding roads or walking to the steady beat lost in thought.

Only Yours is lead by singer-songwriter Lowell Sostomi who says the single is both calm and wild; a concoction difficult to create and yet the four-piece band pull it off beautifully.

“Like gripping sand, the tighter your clasp, the faster it falls.  When you intuitively feel something slipping away and can't help but cling tighter to it.  I wanted to convey a desperate energy in, 'Everlasting'. A vibe that feels smooth and calm on the surface, but eventually festers, building up into a chaos.  This track features a wildly awesome sax performance by Joseph Shabason, that helped accentuate exactly that.”

Only Yours has dropped their self-titled EP and two singles since their emergence in 2016. Working in Toronto’s Union Sound Company, this next full length album is Sostomi’s return to the spotlight after leading band The Great Bloomers in performances alongside acts such as Arkells and Pearl Jam. Produced by Los Angeles’ Joe Chiccarelli, the band is sure to release equally stunning tracks such as “Everlasting” which stop you in your tracks at Sostomi’s deep-toned voice.

Keep a lookout for Only Yours’ release of debut album in 2019 with label Pirates Blend.

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Alternative · Indie · Indie Pop


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