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Ambient electronic artist DYVR returns with vulnerable release "Shameful"

Amidst the uptempo soundscapes of music making radio airwaves, ambient electronic artist DYVR returns with a song unlike any other, a highly vulnerable release via Veta Records. Aptly named "Shameful", the track is a solemn narrative that covers the idea of modern masculinity and its relation to how men view emotions.

Opening, "Shameful" immediately captures our attention with its haunting ambiance and poignant lyricism drawled out in DYVR's signature, ethereal falsetto for a chillingly spellbinding experience. Almost effortlessly, the electronica melodies roll over intimate guitar strums and crackling radio waves, enveloping the listener into a dark, electronic dream - a mystic world wrapped up in the raw intensity of human emotions. 

In talking about how the song came to be, DYVR elaborates, “While I consider myself lucky to have grown up in a household that didn't necessarily endorse idea, I have been a person who allowed gender norms to affect the relationships I had around me. There were many points that I felt adrift and I still feel like I'm learning to be honest with myself about my sexuality and how my negative view of being male has led to behaviours that are damaging. When you believe that being a man by default means that you act poorly, that is your reality. You justify your actions within that reality. You hurt people. I want to work harder to be a constantly evolving and complex person. We are all so many things. We can all choose how to define ourselves”.


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Ambient · Atmospheric · Electronic


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