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HOAX brings back disco in “Grow”

Indie pop band HOAX release their latest single “Grow”. With a nod to disco's peak, this energetic Bee Gees inspired hit has a vintage feel while still maintaining to stay current. Featuring smooth soulful vocals and wah-wah guitars, this funky track takes you straight back to the 1970s, with all kinds of retro vibes.

“Grow” is a fun and upbeat single with a very powerful message. HOAX sing, “You and I should be human beings and not just pieces in a puzzle we can’t read”, emphasizing how we should all live our lives how we want and not to get wrapped up in world around us. HOAX have created their own definition of the word 'grow' revealing, “To 'grow' means to work every day to be more empathetic and sensitive; listening more instead of talking; being more selfless than selfish. These are the recipes for growth in being”.

Consisting of Mike Raj on vocals, Frantz Ceser on bass, Paul Brower and Kevin Lopez on guitar, and Jacob Lopez on drums, the band have garnered hundreds of thousands of streams on Spotify, with their 2016 single “Beach House” as their biggest hit to date. With a mix of nationalities - Indian, Puerto Rican, Haitian, Ecuadorian, Irish, and Italian - the band’s eclectic sound and unique esthetic sets them apart making them a true original. HOAX have a strong sensibility for humanity and are using their music to showcase and inspire empathy and kindness to others. 

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