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Emily King gives hope on "Remind Me"

If you’re in need of a little pick-me-up, Emily King is here to help. The effervescent singer is back with a new single that is bound to get even the gloomiest among us to feel a jolt of hope. “Remind Me” is a song about revisiting some special feelings that may have been left dormant. With King’s shimmering vocals and a bombastic production, the song has an undeniable charm that will help get you through the day.

“Remind Me” begins sparsely with a commonly used pop chord progression, but anyone familiar with King’s music knows that she always puts an original spin on things. Perhaps the familiar chords are a musical representation of her lyrical sentiment where she sings, “You remind me of something else / something that I used to feel / something like what I’ve been missing.” The song’s stripped-down introduction soon evolves into a full-on bass-thumping dance groove. King’s words explode through the mix with her percussive delivery and clever use of vocal layering.

“Remind Me” speaks to an element in one’s life that may have been passed over long ago but was never forgotten, and King’s performance perfectly encapsulates the joy of rediscovering those forgotten sentiments. It’s a beautiful reminder to keep those ever-important feelings close and never let them drift away.

"Remind Me" is the first song off of a forthcoming album due out in 2019 and is available to stream and buy here.

Connect with Emily King: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud | Spotify

Alternative · Pop · R&B


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