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Kyson talks influences on his new quadruple single vinyl "Every High"

Kyson is the musical project of Berlin based producer, composer and vocalist Jian Liew. For those unfamiliar, Liew has always walked an exquisite line between guitar-lead acoustics, and synthetic electronics in his work. A musical mixture of everything organic, living, and breathing. His work recalls  the colour and stories left from atmosphere and textures painted across a minimal blank canvas.  Now Kyson has newly released four singles as two digital EPs with Majestic Casual Records / B3SCI.

But, we think in some senses they are really kind of two halves of the same whole. And, it seems in some ways Liew believes the same as they are all on one physical release. However, in these two exciting digital releases his influences are definitely more distinct, and markedly separated. The result is subtle. Although, it gives us a really interesting look into Kyson's current creativity. Every High / Clear Air is a 2-track with more with sincere electronic influence. Whereas Forest Green / Have My Back are 2 singles with a definite indie sensibility. Because of this, we were intrigued to hear from Kyson about his all-round influences on the singles. 

On "Every High" from Kyson: “I wanted to write a song about overcoming the feeling or need we have as individuals to modify ourselves and our personalities to please others in our daily lives… about how honesty and trust can help overcome this pressure of pleasing, and the journey of finding the way towards both of these emotions.”  
On "Clear Air" from Kyson: “Even though the song narrative feels like it’s swaying back and forth, it’s really about trying to leave the past behind and live in the moment. I hope people can find a sense of peace in the song”
On "Have My Back" from Kyson: “Have My Back" came out of a bunch of sessions when experimenting on songs for my new album. It comes from a very different place to ‘Every High’ and ‘Clear Air’ and I really wanted it to sit separately from them, so we decided to break the original EP format and go for a collection of 2 double a-side singles instead”
"Forest Green" from Kyson: "Forest Green" is the last in this series of singles and I think it’s a great one to round off. It closes this chapter nicely, but also leads well into whats coming next from the album I am currently finishing up - more guitars, drums and just experimenting with my voice a little more"

You can also pre-order a limited 12" vinyl featuring all four tracks from Kyson's bandcamp here.

Connect with Kyson: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud | Bandcamp | Spotify

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