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Botnek continues in stride in new era of sound with "Wiggle" [Premiere]

Botnek is back with their latest single, an irresistible house track entitled "Wiggle." The duo made up of Eric Muise and Gordon Huntley has seen it all, getting their start in electro house just ahead of the arrival of the dance music boom of the mid 2010's. But unlike many artist who saw the opportunity in the commercial world's welcoming of its newest money maker, Botnek, for the most part, has stuck to their guns. Owners of a unique style that merges the heavier bass worlds of electronic music with the classic, infectious groove of house music at its core, the Halifax, Nova Scotia-based duo has been able to maintain a consistency in their style throughout its gradual updates. "Wiggle" is the latest fruit of that labor, and it's a shining medal of accomplishment through its unusually creative percussive synth work and deeply wobbly breakdown. While they might not be making the more straight forward electro of their past, Botnek's music has matured along with them into something totally their own. 

"Wiggle" is out Thursday via October 4 via Australian house label Box Of Cats, where it will be paired with "Vibrate."



House · Main Stage · Premiere


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