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J.Kelr and Kennys Keys pull ensemble an all-star cast on new single, "Politics"

Celebrated beatsmiths J.Kelr and Kenny Keys have joined forces to deliver hip hop gold in the form of upcoming EP, Corinthian Cadillac. To help kick off this project (which drops Oct 5th) the two just debuted their second single, “Politics.”

“Politics” features quite the group of talented artists, so before we dive into the actual track itself, let’s take a look. First off, the productions are co-produced by Kelr and Keys and feature vocals from Jon B, and horns from Oliver Taylor. Featured on the track, however, are three guest verses from Twista, Melo-Makes-Music and Boldy James. Needless to say, “Politics” is an impressive song before you even press play. And once you do press play, “Politics” takes you to an entirely new stratosphere.

Starting off with a funky guitar lick, Jon’s vocals and Taylor’s horns, “Politics” sets the mood for a groovy, pulsing track. From there, Twista, Melo and Boldy each take turns cruising over the instrumental, speaking on the subject of politics. “With important upcoming elections on the way, Politics are more and more the topic of discussion.  In our current world, it seems as though we are making progress in the wrong direction, ‘I just want my freedom,’’ Kelr says of the track.

Connect with J.Kelr: SoundCloud | Instagram | Twitter

Connect with Kenny Keys: SoundCloud | Instagram | Twitter



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