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Fytch and Dabin elevate us to a higher "Altitude"

While collaborations are common and part of the norm, what isn't part of the norm is how well producers meld their sounds together to create beautiful, touching songs. After his highly successful EP Pyres, guitar-wielding beatsmith Dabin is back with such a track - in collaboration with French maestro Fytch. Aptly named "Altitude", the duo's synced collaborative efforts will lift you to new heights.

Much like how a plane takes off, the beginning of "Altitude" is an entrancingly slow, guitar-driven climb to the top - layered vocals creating a soothing and almost wistful ambiance. Melodic, the chiptune-hinted drop is resoundingly well-paced and reminiscent of what one can imagine if soaring through the skies. The future-tinged track effortlessly displays the duo's unique production repertoire, their passion and how working in tandem, amplified their signature sounds for a beautiful acoustic-electronic hybrid beaming with whole-hearted emotions.

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Connect with Dabin: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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