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Enter an underground synth-pop metropolis with Alessandro Ciminata's "It's You Or It's Nothing"

Indie synth-pop all-star, Alessandro Ciminata, is back with yet another groovy tune to add to his repertoire. 

It’s more than his ability to craft a catchy tune, Ciminata has found a way to construct an atmosphere with his music. The same is true of all of his songs, but it’s especially evident on “It's You Or It's Nothing.” The opening guitar paired with Ciminata’s longing lyrics sounds like the sun starting to set over a bustling metropolis. But once the chorus hits around the minute mark, the scene has changed to neon lights and a city just beginning to come alive.

The best part of Ciminata’s ability to craft this feeling is that it feels unintentional. Every part of the song contributes to its atmosphere, from his cadence to that funky, skittering warble that fades in and out of the picture. Maybe it’s because he doesn’t use actual background noise or overthink it, but whatever the reason, Ciminata’s music goes much deeper than just a song, it plays like a scene in a movie.

No word on any future releases, but as the young London artist seems to crank out a new track every few months or so, odds are we can expect at least one more tune before 2019. 

Connect with Alessandro Ciminata: SoundCloud | Instagram | Twitter

Indie · Synth · Synth Pop


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