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Boombox Cartel and Flosstradamus team up on new single “ID”

When these two artists talk business on a new collaboration, the hype continues to build for everyone, especially after teasing their fans and hiding 200 USB devices in secret locations for them to find. Boombox Cartel and Flosstradamus have both individually worked on numerous original tracks released on Mad Decent, creating a distinct culture for their fans. This "ID" on the other hand could not even be classified with a name due to them destroying this single, in the best way possible.

The clock is ticking as a slow tempo build up begins to draw you into the components of this track. Slowly getting closer to the blast off, you can hear each of these artists specialties present to produce a filthy drop comprised of distortion, white noise and several instrumental sounds, perfect for all the hype boys and girls to get up on their feet. Undeniably, HYD-NATION is back, but this time with a surprise, as both artists incorporate some psytrance to elevate the party. Whether at a beach party or not, this track can get you dropping moves to every beat.

Boombox Cartel will be making his presence in El Paso on September 29th and Flosstradamus in Las Vegas on September 29th.

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